Kin Chun Ma | Architect

This Website includes most of my academic Architectural design work & some of my personal work. The scale of the projects ranges from interior installation project to large scale mix-used development.
I would like to give special thanks to my mentors & collaborators:
Ali Rahim, Hina Jamelle, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Martin Haas, Bradley Wales, Annette Fierro, Roland Snooks, Catherine Veikos, Eva Franch Gilabert, Torben Berns, Carlos Rodriguez, Leo Modrcin, Vivian Liao, Hyungwoo Kim, Sara Witschi, Saki Yoshimura, Tzu Ching Lai, Tiffany Fu, Sean Bang, Evan Chan, Keerati Smathvithayavech, Charlotte Law.

Ma Kin Chun